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Richard Jacobsson (EP)

Richard Jacobsson began working in DELPHI in 1991. He was first involved in the main electromagnetic calorimeter, HPC. In particular he worked with a tuning of the HPC simulation and participated in the ageing tests of one HPC module, the C4. Mid-1992 he was appointed a doctorate candidate position at the Stockholm University. He joined physics team 5 and has searched for the SM-Higgs boson in the neutrino channel using neural networks. Since end of 1994 he also in parallel joined the DELPHI Data Acquisition System (DAS) team. In October 1996 he received his doctoral degree. From October 1996 until October 1997 he had a one-year doctorate position at the Stockholm University with stationing at CERN. During that period he was mainly involved in the DELPHI DAS, while taking care of the Stockholm institute's commitments in the maintenance and operation of the HPC, and acting as an information link between the Stockholm institute and CERN.

Between January 1998 and February 2000, he had a physics fellowship contract with CERN. He worked on upgrading the DELPHI DAS and continued his support to the online operation of DELPHI. In 1998 he set up a physics analysis to measure the cross-section of ZZ production. He maintained this analysis until February 2000 and analyzed the data recorded in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

Since March 2000 he has a CERN staff contract working for the LHCb experiment. He is responsible for designing, implementing and commissioning the LHCb Timing and Fast Control System.

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CH-1211 Geneva 23
Tel.: +41-22-766 20 82

Here is his homepage where You'll also find some of his private interests and activities (marine biology, diving, nature photography and filming,...).

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